A time came when group of individual met in a place where they build a common objective that envision an institution specialized in processing immigration documents. The main credo of the organization is to eradicate process complexity, primitive red tape issues and bureaucratic mindset that hinders or prevents action or effective decision-making. We leverage the full potential of the organization by providing effective service and good customer relation. We totally change the landscape of genuine processing. We oath to be your true servant....and we the DBMS Visa Consultancy at your service.

DBMS portal is an online service dedicated to provide assistance and consultancy regarding travel Visa to both foreigners and locals alike who are living, studying, working, retiring or traveling in the country.

DBMS online service is an interactive consultancy service depot that uses medium of weblogs, forum, and chat room for writing and reading substantial information. It aims to establish safe and friendly space for both readers and writers in different age levels and to bring people in different walks of life together.